Monday, March 29, 2010

Why 3?

I asked myself today why am I working on making three quilt tops at the same time. It is a good question. It seems that I have an attention disorder. Or maybe I should call it a completion disorder. I expanded my nine-patch sharing quilt talked about earlier into a queen sized one. I didn't have enough squares so I plowed through my fabric stash and made some more. Then I did some figuring and bought some fabric. That has all been sew and it isn't enough yet. So today I bought ten more pieces of fabric. Now I have run out of white muslin. So tomorrow off I go to buy some more of that. I made sure I purchased plenty of the fabric pieces so now I have more than I need.
I have decide to made a series of four patches with the extra pieces. That will some day be a quilt.
Quilt top two is also a nine patch made with fabric from my son's wedding open house table cloths. It will be given to him and his wife for their first daughter.
Quilt top three. While I was waiting for the weekend to end I felt like sewing so I picked up some scraps left over from Julie and Debra's wedding gift quilts and began to piece them together. It looks like I will have enough to make another queen size quilt with them. Maybe I should actually finish Debra's and give it too her. The top is finished, the pillow cases are finished, the bottom fabric is pieced and the batting was purchased in Dec.
So many quilting ideas and options so little finishing getting done.
This post writing seems to be a mess.

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