Friday, July 16, 2010

It happened

Last night the card exchanging ladies met here. It was exciting. We always spend time chatting first. Then we check out each others cards. Sometimes we have an activity. Tonight we made a mini folding scrapbook. I first saw the idea on Dawn O'. blog. I am so glad I printed the idea out because when I went to find it last night I was unable to find it on her blog. Thanks for the idea Dawn. We had to work with inferior 12x12 paper, it was really 12x11something. Everyone did their own thing and seemed to enjoy the project. There is always some fear that your friends won't like your idea as much as you do. Since three of the ladies were unable to attend I made them each an album this morning so that when they get their stack of new cards they will have an album too. I tried to gear it to what I new about the ladies. Well enough chatter. Here are the cards that we shared. And here are the albums I made.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We can do it

In my church there is a women's organization. Last night we had a nice activity. We learned how to do all sorts of preserving foods, using stored foods, and other things that stretch our dollars as families. The ladies that organized this did a great job. So did all of the presenters. I made these two cards to give a personal thanks to the main organizing/planning women. I hope they pass on my thanks to their committee.

card group x2

Oh my it has been a while since I have written or shared anything. This is my card from last months card club exchange. I thought it was super cute. I figured it could be used for anyone's birthday. I got the idea from Dawn. This is my card for this month, July. It came together nicely. Since it is a bit bulky and will require extra postage I have added a quarter so the ladies don't have to pay the extra $ because of my design. This idea came directly from the 2010-2011 SU! Catalog pg.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A fun gift

I needed a birthday present for a family member this week. I have seen the idea of decorating tea lights by stamping on them. Well you really stamp on tissue paper and then heat it onto the tea light. I like how they turned out. I didn't do anything fancier since I needed to mail them today. Happy Birthday and Mother's Day together this year Brina. Love you.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Going again

The card group is going again! A few years ago some of us ladies from church began a card exchange group. We meet every month to exchange cards and do some scrapbooking. You know it really started as a scrapbook group and we added the card exchange. We have been inactive for a while since everyone was so busy and doing so many other things. A few of the ladies were talking and put out the word that we wanted to get going again. We had our first meeting on April 22. I made this card. I purchased the card blanks last year some time. They were on clearance at Michael's. I just added the stamped image and the ribbon. I think they are just fine. I like to have a place to share what I like to make. Being able to have girl chat time is lovely too. Thanks friends for getting this going again.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

going again

I'm at it again. Some time ago. probably within the last year I decided that I would make a granny square afghan for my each of my grandchildren. I decided that the best time for them to receive it would be at High School graduation. Since my oldest grandchild is four I knew I had a few years to get these done. But I know they take a long time so I started. I think I have close to enough squares crocheted for one afghan. But I am not going to put one together yet. I have decided to keep making squares. If I make 5 squares a day it will take me five plus years to have enough squares for 35 grandchildren. You say 35? That number was derived my thought that if each of my children had five children that would be 35 grandchildren. If I have more grandchildren them I will have to make more afghans. Happy to do that. If I have less then I will donate the "left overs" to a worthy cause. I know. I'm weird. By the end of this year I should have 6 grandchildren. So that is a more workable goal for the moment. Make enough squares for the almost current six. For sure I'll have them ready in time. I hope.

Friday, April 23, 2010

wish big

My husband and I have been invited to a party for a lady we know through our church. The invite says no presents please. So I made a nice card instead. Well I think it is a nice card. Happy birthday Ellen! See you tomorrow.