Thursday, April 29, 2010

going again

I'm at it again. Some time ago. probably within the last year I decided that I would make a granny square afghan for my each of my grandchildren. I decided that the best time for them to receive it would be at High School graduation. Since my oldest grandchild is four I knew I had a few years to get these done. But I know they take a long time so I started. I think I have close to enough squares crocheted for one afghan. But I am not going to put one together yet. I have decided to keep making squares. If I make 5 squares a day it will take me five plus years to have enough squares for 35 grandchildren. You say 35? That number was derived my thought that if each of my children had five children that would be 35 grandchildren. If I have more grandchildren them I will have to make more afghans. Happy to do that. If I have less then I will donate the "left overs" to a worthy cause. I know. I'm weird. By the end of this year I should have 6 grandchildren. So that is a more workable goal for the moment. Make enough squares for the almost current six. For sure I'll have them ready in time. I hope.

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