Friday, July 16, 2010

It happened

Last night the card exchanging ladies met here. It was exciting. We always spend time chatting first. Then we check out each others cards. Sometimes we have an activity. Tonight we made a mini folding scrapbook. I first saw the idea on Dawn O'. blog. I am so glad I printed the idea out because when I went to find it last night I was unable to find it on her blog. Thanks for the idea Dawn. We had to work with inferior 12x12 paper, it was really 12x11something. Everyone did their own thing and seemed to enjoy the project. There is always some fear that your friends won't like your idea as much as you do. Since three of the ladies were unable to attend I made them each an album this morning so that when they get their stack of new cards they will have an album too. I tried to gear it to what I new about the ladies. Well enough chatter. Here are the cards that we shared. And here are the albums I made.

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  1. I always have fun doing any projects! Yours sounds like fun.